Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation

The principal proposed aims of the Foundation are to support the development of World Peace by creating the conditions for a real inner peace educational system at all levels, and by promoting a concrete cultural, spiritual and material exchange between East and West. In essence, this also includes the promotion of dialogue between science and religion, a necessary condition for real human growth, as well as a “reconciliation of spirituality with economics and politics”, that is a “reconciliation between the material and the non-material world”.
The Foundation particularly focuses on the spreading of inner peace education and the Self-Healing method for body, mind and the environment; a method taking its roots in the traditional tantric Buddhist philosophy which Lama Gangchen has adapted for the busy modern society we live in.
Lama Gangchen is particularly dedicating his energy to inter-religious dialogue in the conviction that only by uniting all the positive energies of the planet, both on the inner and outer level, can world peace be achieved. In order to concretize this vision, in 1995 he wrote and presented a proposal for the creation of a permanent forum inside the UN – “United Nations Spiritual Forum for World Peace” – in which all religious denominations, their leaders and representatives can meet in order to concert actions for inner and world peace.
A spiritual forum to “identify non-material solutions” which should become the “principal deliberating body of the most effective inner solutions to outer and inner problems”: a human solidarity for the 21st century.

Lama Gangchen Rinpoche at VN

Since 1995, the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation has been promoting this concept worldwide, presenting it to Religious and Spiritual leaders, Heads of States, Political leaders, Secretary General of the United Nations, Boutros Ghali and Kofi Annan, Ambassadors, Economists, Industrialists, Religious, Spiritual and Ecumenical organizations and Institutions, NGOs, prominent world figures, and many more, in a dedicated effort to offer each individual and the collective, an open invitation to make the “best investment for future generations”, based on inner peace as the common language, reinforcing the need for all of us to look more closely at its deeper meaning.

Several National and International groups have been formed to support its ushering into existence by mutual interest and consent, among which, the Spiritual Forum at the United Nations Group in New York who are working on a collective proposal to present the Spiritual Forum idea and to justify the need for spirituality and the development of peace culture within the UN.

The work is centered upon promoting, lobbying and raising awareness worldwide so as to bring the message of spirituality into focus and relevance in the 21st century, as the defining of spirituality and its relevance in this millennium is fast becoming a topic of much discussion in all areas of society, and there is a definite call for global interdependence to be brought beyond the physical/material level into a ‘higher’ spiritual level which connects all in a spirit of human solidarity towards finding new approaches to human understanding.

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