“Inner peace is the most solid foundation for world peace.”

Welcome to NgalSo Ganden Nyengyu, the spiritual lineage of lama healer T.Y.S. Gangchen Rinpoche, his heart son Lama Michel Rinpoche and his heart daughter Lama Caroline. Ganden Nyengyu is the ear-whispered lineage from Ganden, founded by the great Lama Tsongkhapa in the fourteenth century. 

We introduce you to our masters, their teachings and the organisations, centres and activities that are carried out worldwide in the pursuit of Lama Gangchen’s peace message: “Inner peace is the most solid foundation for world peace.”


The crowning of a dream: a moment of gratitude and joy

Swift Return

When a great master such as Lama Gangchen Rinpoche leaves His body, there are many things that we, as disciples, should do … Read more


Here you find condolences, poems, testimonies, memories and experiences in honour of Drubwang Gangchen Rinpoche. Send your contribution to om@kunpen.it


Ngal means suffering and the causes of suffering. So means our potential to eliminate suffering and to develop our qualities. Inside the name NgalSo are all the teachings of the Buddha.

Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia was built in the 8th century as a huge three-dimensional Vajrayana mandala. In the early 1990s Lama Gangchen was inspired by Borobudur to reveal the NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing practice.

Self-Healing Practice 
NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing is a traditional Buddhist meditation practice suitable for modern people, introduced by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche. It helps us to overcome our negativities and to strengthen us mentally and physically.


NgalSo Shop
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Help in Action
Help in Action is a voluntary non-profit association founded by Lama Gangchen, offering long distance adoptions and humanitarian aid projects in developing countries. Projects contributed by the Italian Buddhist Union


Tibetan Astrology
Tibetan Astrology concentrates on predicting what could possibly happen in a person’s life, so we can do something about it. Lama Michel made the profound predictions accessible to anyone by applying modern technology to ancient calculation systems.

Limitless love: may all beings have happiness and its causes.