Ask Lama Michel

Lama Michel Rinpoche answers questions about vital issues and explains various Buddhist concepts in a clear and accessible way. Lama Michel speaks in Portuguese but subtitles are available. Play video and click on Settings ⚙️ to select language. 

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1. What is Buddhism?

2. What are the causes of our suffering?


3. What is Samsara?

4. What is karma?


5. How do you see the love in what you do?

6. What is the importance of valuing and practicing love as a society?


7. What’s the difference between love, attachment and desire?

8. What is Dharma?


9. Is there God in Buddhism?

10. Is Buddhism a religion?


11. How is the cycle of reincarnation?

12. Does sin exist in Buddhism?


13. What is the concept and importance of vows?

14. Does hell exist according to Buddhism?


15. How can Buddhism benefit people’s daily lives?

16. What are we seeking through Buddhism?


17. How do you plan your future?

18. How Buddhism sees sex?


19. What is Tantra?

20. How to transform day to day difficulties in learning?


21. What is meditation?

22. What is the origin of life?


23. How to prepare for death?

24. What is a Buddha?


25. What is bliss and emptiness?

26. Why are mantras not in Portuguese?


27. Is it possible to reincarnate as an animal?

28. How is Buddhism in the West?


29. How did you get to know Buddhism?

30. Are you the reincarnation of whom?


31. Do you consider yourself enlightened?

32. How to start practicing Buddhism?


33. How is the wedding in Buddhism?

34. How is the Baptism ceremony in Buddhism?


35. What is Karma Yoga?