Teaching with Lama Michel Rinpoche (Ita) – 10 February 2019

Teaching with Lama Michel Rinpoche (Ita) – 10 February 2019

Lama Michel Rinpoche, born in 1981, was recognised by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and many great lamas as a tulku, a reincarnation of a Tibetan buddhist lama, who chose to be reborn in Brasil to benefit that country, all South America and the entire modern society.

Lama Gangchen was invited to visit Brasil in 1987 by Bel and Daniel, Lama Michel’s parents. Strong ties were formed with the whole family, who founded the first of many Dharma Centres under the guide of Lama Gangchen: the “Shi De Chöe Tsog” Centre.

Lama Michel Rimpoche has travelled many times to sacred places in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambogia, Mongolia and Tibet. During these journeys, he has had many intuitions, dreams and special visions. His character and generous nature began to show in the traditional Buddhist way.

Lama Michel Rinpoche is a very special person. Many people have seen his energy as pure as that of Maitreya, the future Buddha of Compassion. His Tibetan name is Chang Chub Chopel Lobsang Nyetrab, which means Wise and Famous Mind of Enlightenment which Spreads Dharma Successfully.

May the mind become the Dharma, may the Dharma become the path, may the path be free of interference - 10/02/2019 00:00