Spirituality in our daily life with Lama Michel Rinpoche in Amsterdam (English) – 13 May 2015

Spirituality in our daily life with Lama Michel Rinpoche in Amsterdam (English) – 13 May 2015

Lama Michel Rinpoche is a Buddhist master following the NgalSo Ganden Nyengyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, under the spiritual guidance of Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1981, Lama Michel was recognized as a Tulku (the reincarnation of a buddhist master) at the age of 8 and ordained as a monk at 12. He received a formal education of Buddhist practice and philosophy for 12 years at the Monastic University of Sera Me in the south of India. He continues his studies with annual visits to the Monastery of Tashi Lhumpo in Shigatse, Tibet-China.

Since 2004 he has been residing in Italy, dedicating his life to serving his Guru, Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, and generously sharing his experience and wisdom in many formal and informal situations, such as conferences, teachings, retreats, school visits and freely on social media. His clarity, wisdom,compassion and pragmatic mind is a living expression of his profound knowledge and understanding of Buddhist tradition integrated into today’s world.

Under the guidance of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, he oversees several Buddhist centers such as the Kunpen Lama Gangchen in Milan, Italy; Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre in Albagnano on Lake Maggiore, Italy and the Centro de Dharma da Paz in São Paulo, Brazil.

For more information and NgalSo Livestream video teachings, visit: www.ahmc.ngalso.net ; www.kunpen.ngalso.net ; www.centrodedharma.com.br/ or audio files on Dharma Sound Archives at: https://soundcloud.com/dharma-sound-archive/sets
These teachings were given to commemorate the publishing of the book “Protective Wrapping in Schools”, a book (Dutch only) for education professionals about giving attention to children’s differences in formal education. What does a child who is “different” need to feel safe in the classroom? How can we create space for empathy and compassion in schools? What role does a teacher play in creating a pleasant, supportive and stimulating learning environment? These and other questions are conducted as well as Lama Gangchen’s ideas on Non-Formal Education. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche wrote the foreword.

Family therapist Kitlyn Tjin A Djie and sociologist/writer Irene Zwaan publish together and individually on social diversity issues in the Netherlands.

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