Rabne Chenmo Ceremony with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche (tib-En-Ita) – 19/25 June 2015

Rabne Chenmo Ceremony with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche (tib-En-Ita) – 19/25 June 2015

Rabne Chenmo, with the construction of the Yamantaka (Sacho), is a ceremony whcih recreates our positive connection with Mother Earth through the power of mantras, concentration, visualisations, the offering riutals and, in particular the construction fo the Yamantaka sand mandala.

Witnessing the creation of one of these masterpieces is an unforgetable experience both from the artistc and the spiritual point of view. Every day the monks will complete the sadhana of Yamantaka, a recitated meditation intended to induce the state of being the Divinity. Then the monks/artists will draw with precision (on a wooden base) the complex geometric forms which represent the Divinity’s dwelling, respecting the stipulated proportions. Different coloured sand (each colour has a special significance.) is then applied with the use of special instruments designed specifically for this task (Chak-purs).

When the mandala is finished, it is destroyed to symbolise the transient nature of all phenonema. The sand is then used to consecrate the land and its inhabitants. At the end of the Rabne Chenmo ceremony of purification and blessing of the site, the sand is dissolved in a stream near our Temple of Heaven on Earth in order to reunite it with Nature.

Whether one participates for a few hours or for the entire week, the witnessing of the making of the mandala constitutes a profound meditation which in turn transforms the mind. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche will preside over the proceedings together with lamas and geshes from the Shar Ganden in the South of India. The benefits of this pratice are: the increase of inner peace, the renewal of of physical and mental peace, the rebalancing of of our emotions, inner stability and mental clarity, awareness as well the positive reconnection with Nature (in particular with Nagas and the protectors of the earth element). This ritual of acumulation of positive energy witll be dedicated to pacification of all natural disasters. There will be an increasing Fire Puja Tuesday 23th June at 11am and a pacifying Fire Puja Thursday 25th June at 2.30pm on the same day.

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