Lama Michel’s Teachings in the Netherlands (English) – 2/3 May 2016

Lama Michel’s Teachings in the Netherlands (English) – 2/3 May 2016

Which aspects and characteristics of the mind can be distinguished and by doing so, how can we achieve inner peace and balance? The study of the mind, lo rig, occupies a paramount place in Buddhist philosophy, which divides the mind and aspects in various ways, such as the primary mind and mental factors. All minds determine how we perceive and experience reality.

Mindfulness has become a popular meditation technique in the West. Many scientific studies have shown its effects on mental and physical health and wellbeing. As a result mindfulness is now widely available. We might come to think that by practising mindfulness we can master meditation as a whole. However, there is much more to meditation then mindfulness alone. In this evening talk Lama Michel Rinpoche discusses the deeper aspects of meditation, based on the NgalSo lineage of the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.


Organized by the Center for Integrative Psychiatry, Lentis
in collaboration with Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Foundation

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