Kurukulle practice – Dakini Lotus (English – Italian) – 18 March 2017

Kurukulle practice – Dakini Lotus (English – Italian) – 18 March 2017

A Highest Yoga Tantra practice which teaches us how to fall in love with the dharma and the ultimate reality of emptiness. It was one of the practices of Mahasiddha Tilopa and his disciples, as well as many other mahasiddhis such as Indrabhuti of Oddiyana.

The name Kurukulle in Tibetan, Rig Gyema, means She Who Causes Knowledge or She Who Awakens Non-Dual Awareness.

Kurukulle helps to remove obstacles and in the relative world, improves our health and wisdom and creates good conditions for dharma practice. Ultimately she helps us to achieve Buddhahood. She is the inner dakini and performs magnetizing activities that benefit all beings. She is also the source of the fierce inner heat or tummo.

Kurukulle form a triad with Manjusri and Sarasvati: together they increase intelligence, mundane and spiritual knowledge.

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