Kalachakra Festival – The Wheel of Time – winter retreat 2017/2018

Kalachakra Festival – The Wheel of Time – winter retreat 2017/2018

The glorious wheel of peace time – NgalSo Tantric self-healing – meditation on Kalachakra to create the pure crystal energy body, light and nectar, achieving inner peace and connect this world to Shambala.

The Tantra of Kalachakra gives us the key to understand and harmonize the energies of body and mind with those of the world we live in. During the seminar, participants are guided through a series of exercises that use the body, sound, concentration and visualization.

The practice will be based on the sadhana Tantric Self-Healing Method of Kalachakra body mandala that penetrates with clear lights the places of the vajra body.

• Recognition and better management of inner states and emotions that attack and block personal clarity, quality of vision and the ability to act deliberately.

• Increased physical and mental relaxation and improvement of one’s own skills.

Expected results:
• Positive Management of time, prevention of work-related stress and psychological discomforts such as burnout.

• Physical and emotional flexibility.

• Growth and balancing of one’s vital energy and greater ability to meet the challenges of modern life.

• Improvement of relationships with others and the ability to cooperate and collaborate.

• Greater success and harmony in daily actions, both in the home environment, at work and in society.

All methodologies used during the retreat of Kalachakra are aimed at developing inner peace, to contribute to the achievement of world peace and gain healing and enlightenment, the development of the highest human potential.

Kalachakra Festival –The Wheel of Time - winter retreat - part 1 - 12/26/2017 at 12:00 am