Buddha Maitreya Empowerment and practice (English – Italiano) – 17 May 2016

Buddha Maitreya Empowerment and practice (English – Italiano) – 17 May 2016

The name Maitreya in Sanskrit, or Jampa in Tibetan, means the ‘Buddha of Love’ who helps to realise our true human nature, our Buddha-nature.

In the system of the five buddha families, Maitreya belongs to the Vairochana Family.

Maitreya is presently the regent of Shakyamuni Buddha, waiting in the Tushita Pure-land to descend to our world and turn the wheel of Dharma again when the teachings of Shakyamuni will have been forgotten.

Now, during Shakyamuni Buddhas teaching time we have the opportunity to listen, contemplate and meditate on his teaching and even if we don’t realise our full potential now, when Maitreya manifests we will be connected with him and swiftly gain realisation. Some flowers open with the sun and some with the moon, so even if we don’t achieve realisations now, there is a chance in the future. Maitreya also helps us develop the special energy of love and great compassion now, so making images of Maitreya Buddha is beneficial both right now and in the future and creates benefit to many beings who are like bees attracted to the essence of an open flower.

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